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Avatar Wan + Raava imprison Vaatu

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I’m not like other humans.

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PATENTEDKobe’s Off-The-Backboard

Kobe Bryant has made a career scoring the basketball, but his offensive game is so varied, his quiver full of so many different arrows, it’s hard to pinpoint one quintessential “Kobe move.”

Except this one.  The mid-range up fake is a Bryant staple, but the pass to himself is pure Kobe.

And ever the unselfish teammate, Kobe’s used his patented move to set up others too, namely Pau Gasol.  BONUS GIF!


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I don’t want to tell you what to do with your time, but I think the Kobe article from Sports Illustrated’s Lee Jenkins is worth your time.

Don’t take my word for it.  Here are a few excerpts.

That summer Spike Lee begins filming He Got Game, a movie with Denzel Washington about a basketball prodigy named Jesus Shuttlesworth. “I want you to be part of it,” Lee tells Bryant. “Thank you but no thank you,” Bryant says. “This summer is too big for me.”

That’s basically Kobe saying, “I coulda starred in He Got Game, but I chose to be better at basketball than Ray Allen.”  Need more?

"On the team plane we had Shaquille O’Neal in the aisle doing the Macarena," says Del Harris, the coach of the Lakers at the time, "and Kobe watching tape of Jordan."

Well, that’s fun to think about.  How about one more?  Here’s Kobe’s response to Rick Fox and his Lakers’ teammates in a private meeting:

"Sometimes I do shoot too much. It’s not because I see you open and don’t want to pass. I don’t see you at all. My mind is built on scoring the ball. That’s a weakness. So if you’re open, say something. Give me a shout."

That’s Kobe Bryant saying, “My eyeballs only see the basket.”  Kobe’s the most injury person in professional sports because he’s a certifiable lunatic. 

There’s a Saw II anecdote you’ll need to read, and an OJ Mayo story that’s good for a laugh.  Read it here.

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